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How to Promote

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How to Promote

Promoting in CAP is an exciting aspect of cadet life! Promotions open doors to new opportunities, activities, and staff positions. Learn how to promote as a cadet here:

  • Check the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Super Chart to check promotion requirements:

  • For the majority of promotions in Phase I and Phase II, the following need to be completed (Note: Exceptions apply for milestone promotions)

    • Read, complete, and take the online quiz for one chapter of Learn to Lead & take a Drill Test

    • Complete an aerospace module and take the online quiz on eServices

    • Participate in one character/moral leadership seminar held each month

    • Participate in the Physical Fitness test in the past 180 days

    • Memorize all necessary memory work items including the Cadet Oath, Honor Code, and chain of command. Note: Higher promotions require more memory work

    • Complete a review board for approval of promotion

Questions regarding promotion requirements, review boards, and/or any other promotion related material can be directed to your Professional Development Officer. 

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