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Drill Tests

Drill Tests

Drill & Ceremonies is a one of the practical applications of self-discipline within the realm of leadership in the CAP Cadet Program. Through designated flight drill time, cadets develop and refine their skills in drill & ceremonies. Each cadet achievement within Phase I and II of the Cadet Program has a corresponding drill & ceremonies practical test. Satisfactory completion of a drill test is one of the requirements to promote to the next cadet achievement.

A Compilation of Drill & Ceremonies Practical Tests can be found HERE.

Requesting a Drill Test

Cadets who are confident in their mastery of their next cadet achievement's drill & ceremonies requirements may request a drill test with an email (using CAWG email) sent to their respective flight staff. Use the guideline below for sending a drill test request to your flight staff. Remember to use proper customs & courtesies and email etiquette.

  • TO: <Flight Sergeant>

  • CC: <Flight Commander>

  • SUBJECT: Achievement [insert achievement number here] Drill Test Request

Cadets MUST submit their drill test request no later than 1900 hrs on the Wednesday evening before the weekly meeting they wish to have a drill test conducted. Flight staff will conduct the drill test during the flight's designated drill time. Cadets are requested to carry their Promotion Agreement Form (PAF) so that flight staff can record & sign-off the passing score on the PAF.

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